What Is It Like To Experience Teacher Training Provided By A SCITT Provider? 

Deciding to train to teach is one of the best decision’s you will make in your career, but what is the best route to take? There are three common options, these consist of undergoing a PGCE course, SCITT course which is certified by the nearby university, or Teach First. There may be many factors that contribute when deciding which course to take, let this blog be one of those deciding factors… 

When I was researching which course best fit me, I had many things to consider such as living situations, commuting, expenses, and the three courses I have discussed above. I am currently training to teach with Nottinghamshire TORCH SCITT. There are many reasons that I chose and preferred the SCITT course. 

The main positives of a SCITT course are the number of days that are spent in and around secondary schools. The first 3 weeks are core training days at the designated SCITT building. This is very much knowledge based around what makes a good teacher. This allows for good note taking. One session that I absolutely love is when we had to teach in front of our peers. This is a hypothetical situation where other peers have roles, such as paper ripper, shouting out and chair swinger. This is a lot of fun with a lot of pedagogical knowledge supported with good classroom practice.  

Another interesting component of the SCITT course is the set out of the curriculum the trainees take. After these 3 weeks of core training, you complete a three-day primary placement and look at primarily pre-school children and Year 6 students. This allows for a closer look at the transition period for students, which is insightful. Following this we start one of two placements.

The first placement is up until the Christmas period. The second placement is much larger from January until June. These placements are Monday-Thursdays. On the Fridays we are then placed in one of three places. This consists of either the SCITT core training days, subject knowledge days at a different school with a subject specialist, or university. I have found whilst studying this course so far that this is the best balance to really develop your understanding of good teaching and good pedagogical knowledge whilst having the best opportunity to put this into practice and really see what works in the classroom. 

The last component of me specifically applying to Nottinghamshire Torch SCITT was the European Opportunities. This year we have been offered to go to Finland for a week or to apply for a placement abroad with an organisation known as Teaching Together in Europe. It is important to note you can go to one of these European trips, not both!

The Teaching Together in Europe (TTE) scheme requires an application process followed by an interview. The unsuccessful candidates will still go to Finland. The TTE, offers three European schools in cities in Rome, Brussels, and Prague. I am pleased to say I start a 5-week placement in Prague in the later weeks of February. This is just one more of the exciting opportunities that a SCITT based approach offers. 

By Jacob Cuff 



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