What previous classroom experience did you gain before undertaking your initial teacher training course?

The catalyst for my decision to become a teacher was sparked by my experience of tutoring a 10 years old boy in Sri Lanka. Word had got around the ex-pat community that I was a Maths graduate who had survived a career in finance and after a chat with his self-professed non-mathematical parents I agreed to tutor him.

His name was Luke and because of his advanced ability (he could recite pi to 32 decimal places!) we soon decided that he would be able to sit his Maths GCSE at the end of the year.

However, as the exam approached, I became aware that putting him through this alone was going to be rather daunting for him, so I decided to sit the exams with him. Imagine the surprise on the other examinees when we walked in - a 10-year-old boy accompanied by a 50-year-old man!

I was very proud of him as he achieved a C grade - quite an achievement at his age. This prompted me to start teaching extra-curricular lessons at the local international school for Y10 and Y11.

I enjoyed this experience so much that I have decided to return to the UK to pursue a PGCE in Mathematics at UCL which so far has been a rewarding experience and I start my first placement at an Academy in London next week. 

By John Mann 


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