What previous classroom experience did you gain before undertaking your initial teacher training course?

After applying for my initial teacher training course, I was ready to throw myself right into the deep end in education, I first sought out multiple ways into the classroom via speaking to my Fiancés mother who worked in the ASL section at my local collage. This then led me onto my job as an examiner where I worked alongside the SENCO from the school and the head of examinations. After a few weeks of the examinations, I put myself forward to help the mathematics department for their summer school program for all Year 6 students who will be starting the school in September.   

After the exam period was over, I was approached by the head of maths at the school to see whether I would like to do some lesson observations and see how the school gives lessons too students to gain experience within the classroom, as I had previously had none working as a structural engineer. When the school year was over it was a short wait until August when the summer school would start for the week. This week involved me giving lessons and observing other teachers teach the same lessons as myself to show where I could improve my punctuality with the classroom and gain some valuable tips and tricks.   

The short summer week that I undertook was invaluable to myself in giving me the confidence to go head first into my ITT course, giving me my first experience working with student’s and the examples of how to deal with disruptions and reward those students who deserve it. This both showed me the brilliance of teaching and the strains of teaching.    

By Jordan Taylor



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