How Do You Envisage The Maths Scholarship Supporting You Through Your Initial Teacher Training? 

Being a recipient of the Mathematics Teacher Training scholarship has already been a great boost to the start of my career as a teacher. As someone new to the profession it has given me the confidence to know that a professional body sees the potential in me to be a great maths teacher in the future and this has proven invaluable as I’ve joined my first placement school where I initially felt very much like a novice! 

In future I am looking forward to being a member of professional associations such as the IMA, the Mathematical Association and the London Mathematical Society. I’ve seen upcoming events being put on by them on many topics, from using Python for A-level maths to on mathematics and art, attending these will no doubt give me great ideas on how to enrich my students' time with maths as a subject, especially outside of the classroom. 

Additionally, the access provided by the scholarship to the great teaching support and resources such as Integral will no doubt make planning lessons much easier as I know for certain that will be the most daunting task I face this year. In the initial Maths Scholar event that I attended I’ve already been introduced in seminars to topics in mathematical education, new research and websites such as NRICH which have given me loads of great ideas for the year ahead. 

Finally, being part of the Maths Scholar community has introduced me to a network of other trainee teachers who are all going through the exact same thing as me. Their experiences will be useful to learn from and will certainly make the training year a more enjoyable process as we learn from one another on how to be the best teachers we can be. 

I must also mention how much I appreciate receiving the Maths Scholar’s pin badge. I’m definitely looking forward to having fun conversations about Rouleaux polygons and curves of constant width with colleagues and students who spot it! 

By Omar Raii  


Message from the Scholarship Team

You can apply to the Scholarships with a 2:2 degree classification, providing you can demonstrate 'significant relevant experience'. Also you can apply before completing your subject knowledge enhancement course. See our eligibility criteria on our About Us page and our FAQs.



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