As A Career Changer, How Do You Plan To Bring Your Previous Work Experience Into The Classroom? 

Six weeks into my teacher training, I have learnt that teachers should hold calm and patient nature as well as being resilient, authoritative; in order to keep their classroom under control. Over the years, working in the travel industry, I have practiced being clam and focused in critical moments such as passengers missed their flight or a flight cancellation. It took me years of practice to achieve this quality which I plan to bring into the classroom environment in implementing behaviour management.  

During Summer or Christmas holidays, it is likely that flights are cancelled due to bad weather or technical issues with the aeroplane. In adverse situations like these, I have practiced being calm and strict in accommodating passengers with implemented airlines rules. As a teacher, I plan to use these experiences of being resilient so as to deliver a successful lesson because ‘a lesson might never go as planned’. Of course, to achieve that a strong subject knowledge is inevitable; I am working hard to gain subject knowledge, predominantly the pedagogic side of teaching mathematics during my training year.      

Professionalism is everywhere such as being punctual, sincere, passionate about the job regardless of the nature of profession. In teacher training, we are assessed on professionalism amongst the other criteria that a teacher should meet. The relationship between a teacher and a student is always professional either inside of the classroom or outside. Professionalism goes beyond the classroom, nothing is personal inside the school, which includes the relationships with peer teachers and other school staff. 

A flight consists variety of passengers with needs such as special meal request, wheelchair allocations, special medical conditions, designated travel time, sometimes designated airport with certain timetable for stopovers. Similarly in a classroom situation, I will have adapted lesson plans ready for mixed ability students. For example, easier scaffolded lesson plan for lower ability students as oppose to less scaffolded and challenging lesson plan for high achievers, less scaffolded with more modelling lesson plan for medium ability students.   

I have seen people struggle to read 24-hour clock, baggage allowances, currency conversions on their airline tickets. This happens because of their mathematical illiteracy. If school policy allows, as a teacher, I will mathematically literate my students by spending five minutes on a weekly basis, converting metric and imperial units, 24-hour clock and 12-hour clock back and forth followed by national curriculum. I also intend to include common mathematical misconceptions in my lesson plans to make them mathematically fluent.

By Sharmin Rumi 


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